I’ll Have What She’s Having by Rebecca Harrington

On the heels of Manazuru (read my post here.) I decided to pick up something light and fun for a change; I’ll Have What She’s Having. This dishy book follows author Rebecca Harrington as she takes on diets sworn by various celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna, Beyonce, and many more. In emulating the different eating habits, exercise regimens (or lack of), and other lifestyle quirks of the rich and famous, Harrington takes on dubious food concoctions (Elizabeth Taylor’s peanut butter over steak) and ponders questionable lifestyle advice, all in the name of science. And c’mon, who isn’t the least bit curious about what and how these people eat, eh?

Of all the diets Harrington tried out, I think Sophia Loren’s is the most do-able and un-insane. I reckon I wouldn’t survive eating like Greta Garbo (and neither would my loved ones because I’d be hangry to the point of homicidal.), and I have a slight disdain for anything Gwyneth and Goop-related. And I’m pretty sure I would suffer the worst kind of migraine pain if I tried to diet like half the celebrities featured in this book.

This isn’t a diet book, so there’s nothing to take from it, other than celebrities go to great, sometimes wacky lengths to maintain their appearance to stay in the spotlight. Kudos to Harrington for doing all the hard work so that regular non-celebs like me don’t have to.

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    1. Your comment comes at the heels of my husband suggesting that he and I try the Whole30 diet together (basically avoiding all processed foods for a month). It’s a lot more sensible that what’s featured in this book, but immediately I respond to him with, “I’m pretty certain I’ll murder you out of hunger and frustration by the third day.”

      Thank you for stopping by!

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