January 2018: Life in Brief

Goodness, January has just flown by, hasn’t it? I’m still shaking of the last remnants of a bad chesty cough AND Vacay!Brain, both of which have kept me from resuming a decent workout routine. During the worst of it, when it seemed like I couldn’t talk without breaking out in bad coughing fit and couldn’t sleep at night, I stayed all day in my pajamas, sucking on bag after bag of Fisherman’s Friend lozenges and downing copious amounts of hot tea and – blegh – Beechams All in One powder.

On a rare four-day weekend, my husband and I traveled via Eurostar to Paris, France. By this time, I was feeling much better, though I still needed those lozenges to fight off the occasional wracking cough. It was our first time in the City of Light, and it was glorious.

Early evening on the Seine.

During our visit, I made sure to stop at the Shakespeare and Company bookshop. I had to give my husband a drastically abridged version of the original shop’s origin and of Sylvia Beach on our walk over there.

I’m guessing that the shop is always crowded. I was definitely knocking elbows with other customers that day.

My husband ended up purchasing William S. Burrough’s Naked Lunch. I found Pig Tales author Marie Darrieussecq’s Breathing Underwater.

Say yes to the shop’s souvenir stamp!

 We really didn’t have too much time or patience to browse at our leisure, and the amount of people – fellow tourists – in the shop was getting to me in a bad way, so as soon as we paid for our books, we skedaddled out of there.  It’s a lovely place, a bit too pricey and busy for my tastes, but worth the one-time visit.



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