A Brand New Year for Reading!

And I’m here!  Hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year’s.  I’m still trying to shake off vacation!brain by getting back on a routine.  My husband and I were invited out to Italy by his sister and her boyfriend, and we just ate loads of food, drank loads of Prosecco (you ask for water, they give you more Prosecco), and had a great time seeing the sights.  I had brought two books along for the ride, but didn’t get a whole lot of reading done.  Too busy eating and marveling at everything.

But now it’s already the 3rd of January in this brand-spanking new year!  As soon as we got back from Italy, I raced off to the library to pick up all the reserved books that had come while we were away.  It felt like Christmas all over again.  It just blows that I have to return the books when I’m done with them.  Boo.

I’m excited to read High Wages, a Persephone title I’ve had on my T0-Read list since early 2014.  The Wind-up Bird Chronicle will be my first Haruki Murakami book;  I’ve been told that it’s one of his best books to start out with if you’re a newbie to his work.  Alain-Fournier’s The Lost Domain was a spur-of-the-moment decision;  I really don’t know what to expect other than the promise of a good mystery.  Upstream by Mary Oliver is the only book of 2016 that I actually wanted to read when it came out but had to wait a couple of months before a copy became available at the library.

If I can think of a few reasonable goals to make for myself for 2017, one of them would be to get through the To-Read stack that’s growing at the foot of my desk.  Another one would be to stop worrying about fulfilling a reading challenge and just try to enjoy reading at a leisurely pace, instead of zipping through books and notching them off my list.  Instead of the usual 50-60 books I usually set for myself, this year I reduced the goal to a mere 15.  That’s more than half of my To-Read stack, and totally doable.  I just have to remind myself that reading is a gentle pursuit and not a race.

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