One year later.

Just a few days off, but I’m officially calling it:  Armchair Amusements is now a year old!  Good grief, look at how small Jet Black was last year!

Let me be dreadfully honest; structured, purposeful writing doesn’t come easy for me. At the beginning, I tried my hand at writing ‘proper’ book reviews because I wanted to be taken seriously. However, I wasn’t happy with what I turned out; my writing felt secondhand and not entirely my own. I was also shy about loosening up because I wanted to keep the tone of the blog separate from my personal one. After a while though, blogging didn’t seem as enjoyable as I had imagined. I needed to figure out how to do my own thing before it all ended in tears and Dorito crumbs.

Fast-forward to a year later. I still love books, still love reading, and the blog is still active. It hasn’t ended in tears and Dorito crumbs. It’s still very much a work in progress, but as long as I’m enjoying the work and getting to meet other passionate readers online, it’s all good. This is what I wanted.

A huge Thank You to everyone who’s dropped by, commented, or subscribed. Here’s a current pic of Jet chillin’ in the sink, because cats yo’.

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